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Johnnie, a determined 19 year old girl, works at the cotton mill to support her family. She plans to pay back all the debts they have accumulated.

Johnnie is attracted to her boss, Gray Stoddard, a passionate socialist who believes marriage should be based on the potential of the children. Johnnie is promoted to supervisor in the spinning department of the mill, but begins to understand the negative aspects of working in a factory.

Shade, a fellow worker, becomes intrigued by Johnnie and confesses his feelings for her. He wants to marry her, but she refuses because she has to care for her mother and siblings. Shade knows that Johnnie's invention is patentable and he needs to control her in order to profit from it.

Miss Sessions holds a dance for the members of her Uplift Club.

Charlie is surprised to learn that Johnnie is a mill girl. Shade tells Pap he wants to marry Johnnie because he finds her attractive.

Pros Passmore arrives at the house, claiming to have found a silver mine. He is badly injured in an accident and hospitalized for months.

Johnnie struggles to support her family and the children working in the mills. She pays Pap to let Deanie stay home from work, but he sends Pony to work in her place.

Stoddard, a rich man, visits Pap to ask about Johnnie's device. Pap tells him to leave Johnnie alone as she is not interested in him. Stoddard surprises Himes by saying he would be willing to marry Johnnie.

Deanie is injured in an accident at the mill. She is badly injured and may die.

Himes explains to Shade that if Stoddard marries Johnnie, he will likely end up in prison. Shade agrees to talk to Stoddard to explain that Johnnie is his promised wife.

Johnnie searches for Stoddard, who has gone missing. Uncle Pros explains that six months ago, he was walking to deliver silver ore to Johnnie when Rudd Dawson stopped him and insisted he go talk to Will Venters, Jess Groner, and his brother Sam. Sam claimed that Shade Buckheath was going to help kidnap one of the mill owners for ransom.

Johnnie and Pros rescue Stoddard from a cabin where he's been held captive for over a month. As they speed away in Stoddard's car, they're chased by men with guns. Stoddard is grazed by a bullet, but they manage to escape.

Gray waits for Johnnie at her home and tells her he doesn't care what other people think and that she's beautiful. They embrace and kiss.


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